Ease of Ordering: Get it all.

Will somebody please offer a software program that helps users layout an FPS system in a common format like VISIO? How about a software program that generates a bill of materials to expedite the ordering process? Now somebody finally has. The Siemon Company has developed a software program for it's new LightWays&153 FPS that allows the user to create a top down and side view FPS layout/drawing AND also provides a bill of materials to expedite the ordering process (figure #11).


Fiber is revenue. Fiber is delicate. Protect your fiber. Use a FPS to route and protect your patchcords as they run from the splice center to patch panels to equipment. Select a FPS that offers the lowest total installed cost. Labor can be expensive with hardware-laden systems. Choose a durable system that is easy to work with (open channel concept), and simple and safe to expand.


Lou Maiolo is President of Maiolo Associates, A consulting firm based in Long Island New York, which performs consulting services for The Siemon Company.